Training Doctors

Medical Students

From time to time we help with the training of medical students from Liverpool University.

Normally, four students, based at Whiston Hospital, are attached to the practice for a year. They spend some time each week (usually Wednesday mornings) seeing patients in the surgery or on home visits and receive tuition in the form of tutorials from the doctors, usually about the clinical conditions of the patients that they have seen.

Their attachment to the practice gives them an invaluable opportunity to see a variety of problems that they would have to spend years attached to a Hospital to come into contact with and is a very important part of their medical education. Your co-operation in allowing the students to talk to you or to observe your consultations will be appreciated.
However, it is your absolute right not to see the students if you don't wish to.

List Closure

Our ever increasing workload and reliance on locums whilst we try to recruit permanent doctors has led us to close our list to all new registrations for a few months.

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