About Online Prescriptions

Our Online Repeat Prescription requests changed in late 2013.

A Repeat Prescription is medication which is already authorised as being available to you at your request. You may hold a tear off repeat request slip that will have come attached to your last prescription.

At the suggestion of our PPG (Patient Participation Group) following our 2012 Patient Survey and following our move to use EMIS Web as our computer system, we upgraded our online repeat prescription request system in late 2013.

The old system required you to fill in a form, entering each item separately, and was delivered to us by email. The new system is integrated with EMIS Web and provides you with a list of authorised repeat medications to chose from, cutting out a lot of hard work on your part. Your request is delivered directly into our computer system, cutting out a lot of work for our reception staff as well. That's a win-win scenario!   

If you want to use our online repeat prescription requests you will need to register first. The best way to register is to ask at reception for a registration printout / letter. This will give you sufficient information to enable you to fully register. 

It is possible to register for our online services by clicking Here but once registered you will only be able to book, cancel and amend appointments. The online system requires a higher level of security to authorise prescription requests. If you chose to register online first you will have to bring in some ID to show to our staff so they can upgrade your security status before you will be able to use the repeat request system.

Having to register may seem like a lot of fuss but once you are registered requesting prescriptions will be much easier. Once registered you can access your repeat prescription items by following the link on the right or the link below.



Requests for Non Repeat Items

For all other online prescription requests you will need to use our prescription request form which can be found by following the link on the right or the link below


Please Note: Although practically most prescription requests will be processed on the same day, you should give us 48 hours notice to be on the safe side. We will need 48 hours to process your other prescription requests. 

Occasionally, at the doctor's instruction, you may be asked to make an appointment for review of your medical condition. This will be discussed with you when you come in to pick up your prescription.

Please do not use our prescription request form for any other communications. Prescription requests are treated differently at our end to other e-mails and your message may get lost in our system.